S.D Eastern Bhutan Ferro Silicon Pvt. Ltd


The company’s sustainability policy is symbolized by an endless knot. The endless knot is one of the eight lucky signs representing the union of wisdom and compassion, and the company also seeks to intertwine wisdom and compassion while considering the twin goals of the sustainability policy as well as profit generation. Accordingly, the sustainability policy of the company takes into account the disparate factors of profitability, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

The company is committed to a sustainability policy that emphasizes the preservation of the environment. In addition to the stringent environmental standards imposed by the National Environmental Commission Secretariat, the company also implements various measures to minimize the affect on the environment. Among these measures taken, is the use of short carbon cycle carbonaceous raw materials like charcoal, which is produced from babul plant and bamboo chips. This is a more environment-friendly substitute for the commonly used natural coal and coke. The company also initiates and participates in plantation of trees in barren and deforested areas.

As the first large manufacturing plant in the Eastern part of the country, the company has always considered its social obligations a primary responsibility. In that regard, a majority of the the company’s employees are Bhutanese citizens who are trained extensively and develop different skills. In this manner, the company shows its commitment to improving the human resource capacity in Bhutan. The company also contributes to many local community projects, such as building of temples for the local community, and providing paid internships for students on their vacations.

The company’s sustainability policy also puts an emphasis on its profitability, which in turn is impacted by its infrastructure, equipment, human resources, marketing strategies and manufacturing practices. Thus, the company does focus on these factors, by ensuring that its infrastructure and equipment are of the highest qualities. The company also ensures that human capital is constantly being improved with relevant training and superior hiring practices. The marketing strategies and manufacturing practices adopted by the company also reflect global practices. The adoption of these strategies and policies by the company has resulted in the production of superior grade Ferro Silicon, Ferro Silicon Magnesium and Ferro Silicon based Inoculants. All these products have a very low rate of impurities. Furthermore, the use of cutting edge laboratory machinery and equipment, as well as placement of highly qualified and experienced technocrats has capitalized the success of the company.

The company is also an active participant in the Bhutanese business community and has membership in various business associations and groups. Through its membership in these groups, the company is constantly trying to help enrich the Bhutanese business community in any way possible.