S.D Eastern Bhutan Ferro Silicon Pvt. Ltd

Research and Development

Continuous Research and Development has been one of the most essential operation in any of the manufacturing industry, owing to strategic and important information it feed to the management so it prepares to face any kind of the business situations and research on the required quality of product and service of the customer and to the extend of development of product suitable for the customer makes the business sustainable. We believe through research and development, it fills and align the gap between what seems futuristic and means require to achieve those predetermined departmental goals. It has also help in bringing closer look to the lapses in the varied departments. So in later stages they are included, assessed, amended and reformed into better ones.

Product, process and market were some perimeter we keep on focusing with undying attention, so we are never derailed from considering the issues and prioritizing it accordingly. For this, we have a complete set of R & D team for continuous improvement substantiated with equipment's of latest technology.