S.D Eastern Bhutan Ferro Silicon Pvt. Ltd


The company with its 2x9MVA furnace capacity produces various grades of ferro silicon like 45-50%Si, 70% min Si, 72% min Si and 75% min Si. Thus, the customer can get the ferro silicon tailored to their needs. The ferro silicon also has very low level of impurities which makes it very attractive to manufacturers of iron and steel. This low level of impurities is possible to the use of high quality raw materials, and the painstakingly careful screening and washing of the raw materials before they are fed into the furnace. This kind of careful treatment and optimal and efficient use of the furnace also ensures that ferro silicon being produced also has low carbon, and a low level of carbon, calcium, and aluminum. All these qualities are crucial to the production of high-quality steel and special alloys of steel.

Specification of Ferro Silicon of normal Grade

Elements Content Limits
Si 70% Min.
Al 1% Max.
C 0.1% Max.
Ca 0.7% Max.
P 0.05% Max.
S 0.05% Max.

Specification of Ferro Silicon of Special Orders

Elements Content Limits
Si 72% Min.
Al 0.5% Max.
C 0.05% Max.
Ca 0.4% Max.
P 0.05% Max.
S 0.05% Max.

Sizes and Packing of Ferro silicon is done as per the requirement of the customer. 40 kg gunny bags with HDPE bags inside are the normal packing and with specific orders, the packing are done in 1000kgs jumbo bags.